North America Project Assistance


Although the majority of Maranatha’s mission trips take place outside of North America, there is a long history of Maranatha projects within the United States and Canada. Each year, we assist with at least a dozen projects in North America by mobilizing volunteers, and they range from renovations of existing buildings to new¬†construction.

Maranatha does not fundraise for projects in North America, and groups requesting assistance must have the majority of funding for the project in place prior to Maranatha’s commitment. The benefit of working with Maranatha is the cost-savings of our volunteer labor.

In addition to having the funds in place cover materials, organizations requesting Maranatha’s assistance must have all permits and paperwork before we can begin recruiting volunteers. In some cases, our volunteer leaders are willing to assist with the overall process.

Most of Maranatha’s projects in North America are connected to the Seventh-day Adventist faith. However, we have helped with non-denominational, Christian organizations.

The Process

Any form of construction can be quite complicated in North America, and specifications vary by state and country. The list below offers a general overview of the preliminary steps required to having Maranatha’s assistance for your project.

  1. Obtain property on which to build.
  2. Obtain Land Use Permit
  3. Line up financing for project.
  4. Have conceptual plans drawn.
  5. Complete application process with Maranatha
  6. Following approval from Maranatha, submit building plans for review by necessary city and/or county departments.
  7. Host site visit for Maranatha project leadership.
  8. Submit building plan approval documents to Maranatha.
  9. Establish dates for volunteer involvement with Maranatha.
  10. Recruit volunteers, with Maranatha’s leading.
  11. Host volunteer team at your site (food, lodging) during actual project.


There are some costs involved with having Maranatha volunteers assist with your project. However, the amount can still be considerably less than professional labor costs. Below is a list of expected expenses for Maranatha’s services.

  • Site visit expenses for Maranatha construction superintendent and project coordinator, including travel, accommodations, and meals.
  • Project participation expenses for construction superintendent, including travel, accommodations, and meals.
  • Accident insurance for each volunteer during Maranatha project ($2.50/day/person).
  • Three meals a day for each volunteer during Maranatha project.


Maranatha's North America Church Design

In response to requests for new church construction assistance in North America, Maranatha created a blueprint for a simple and cost-effective church building for smaller congregations. The standard plan includes a sanctuary that can accommodate 120-200 people, a fellowship hall, Sabbath School classrooms, bathrooms, audio-visual room, and a pastor’s office.

For congregations seeking a more affordable option for new church construction, Maranatha’s standard North American church can save architect fees and expedite the entire process. Congregations also have the option of using Maranatha volunteers to construct the church, which will provide a further savings.

North America Assistance Info SheetThis info sheet outlines our US and Canada Project Assistance program. It's an easy way to share the program with your building committee and explain how to get started with Maranatha.Download: North America Assistance Info Sheet
Assistance ProceduresThis detailed list will guide you through the steps of having Maranatha's help for your project in the US or Canada. It will also give you an idea of what Maranatha provides and what is required of the organization requesting assistance. Our experts have outlined everything you need to know to get started. Download: North American Assistance Procedures
Application FormThis two-page application form is the first step in requesting Maranatha's assistance in the US and Canada. Once you have completed the information and acquired the necessary signatures, the form will be sent to Maranatha's Building Committee for approval. Download: NA-Project-App
Budget WorksheetThis simple worksheet can help organizations in the planning phases of a building project as they look at the financial commitment needed to complete the process. This is a useful tool as you complete the assistance application, but not mandatory. Download: North American Sample Budget