“The work of Maranatha is not a mission. It's a commission, given to us by Jesus Christ. ”
Don NoblePresidentMaranatha Volunteers International

About Us

Mission Statement: Maranatha spreads the gospel throughout the world as it builds people through the construction of urgently needed buildings.

Maranatha is a non-profit, responsive organization that works in conjunction with the Seventh-day Adventist Church to provide strong, dignified structures for worship and education. Around the world, there are thousands of congregations praying for a proper church to call their own while meeting in sheds or under trees. Children are going to school in dilapidated buildings, causing their quality of education to suffer. To fill this urgent need, Maranatha constructs churches and schools—facilities that later become centers of outreach for a community. History has shown that the construction of churches and schools is a catalyst for membership growth in a region.

To broaden the impact of the work, Maranatha organizes short-term mission trips. Averaging about 10-14 days, these mission projects mobilize volunteers who are willing to fund their own travel and lodging for a life-changing service experience. Once there, volunteers not only work on the construction site but also organize service activities, such as medical clinics and educational programs for children. The mission experience can have a transformative effect on a volunteer. From exposure to a new culture and society to a deep spiritual growth, people return changed and ready to positively impact their own communities at home.

Each year, Maranatha organizes more than two dozen Open Team Projects, which are coordinated by Maranatha staff and invites anyone to join. Additionally, Maranatha helps teams to create their own projects, called Group Projects, to build Maranatha structures.

Since 1969, Maranatha has worked in nearly 90 countries around the world, including North America.

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