How It Works

Maranatha is a responsive organization that fulfills requests for construction assistance. Each project is carefully considered for need, overall impact on the community, and resources for long-term maintenance and support.

From request to completion:

  1. Maranatha receives requests for assistance through regional Adventist church leadership (called Mission, Union, or Division offices). Requests can range from a few dozen to hundreds of structures within a country.
  2. Maranatha assesses potential construction sites, selected by regional leadership, and project logistics (costs, safety, accessibility, etc.) for the country.
  3. Once a country has been accepted for Maranatha projects, Maranatha begins fundraising for requested structures, preparing sites for construction, and organizing mission trips for volunteers.
  4. Where appropriate, volunteers arrive to build structures and interact with local community.  Maranatha field staff builds structures that are located in areas where accessibility or safety could be an issue.
  5. After volunteers leave, Maranatha field staff do finish work on structures. This can range from finishing block work to painting. Then the property is handed over to the local leadership for use.


Maranatha’s operation is divided into two segments: construction project costs and operation-related costs.

Maranatha’s construction projects are funded by donations from private supporters. Donors can choose to give to a general fund that goes where it’s needed most, or they can give to a country effort. There are also specific programs that make it easy for people to give, such as The $10 Church or the One-Day Church.

Independent business investments and private donors fund most of our operational expenses—such as marketing, salaries, and other overhead.