Donor Privacy Policy

Maranatha Volunteers International, Inc. is a nationally incorporated and registered charity that receives donations and expends them for such purposes within the Maranatha Volunteers International, Inc. charter.  Maranatha Volunteers International is committed to protecting the privacy of the personal information of its donors.  It respects the rights of donors to have their relationship with Maranatha and their contributions treated with respect and confidentiality.  Maranatha values the trust of those it deals with, and of the public, and recognizes that maintaining this trust requires it to be transparent and accountable in how it treats the information that donors choose to share with it.

No Sharing of Personal Information
Maranatha Volunteers International, Inc. will not sell, share, trade, rent, or lease your personal information to other organizations. We will not send you donor mailings on behalf of other organizations. We assure you that the identity of all our donors will be kept confidential. Use of donor information will be limited to the internal purposes of Maranatha and only to further the ministry activities and purposes of Maranatha.

Removing Your Name From Our Mailing List
It is our desire to not send unwanted mail to our donors. Please contact us if you wish to be removed from our mailing list.

Contacting Us
If you have comments or questions about our donor privacy policy, please contact us or call us at 916.774.7700.