Types of Volunteer Projects

Mission trips have a way of transforming lives, and we want you to experience the joy of service! Volunteering with Maranatha is easy, and no experience is necessary. There are several types of volunteer projects that you can join.

Create a Team

Called “group projects,” Maranatha helps church, school, and other groups create private mission trips. We match your group to a project location and share our expertise in developing a project. From developing budgets to choosing safe and comfortable lodging, we help you with every aspect of project planning and you recruit your volunteers. Once on the mission trip, our in-country staff will provide additional support during the project. Contact our volunteer services department to learn more and start the process!

Join a Team

Called “open teams,” Maranatha organizes dozens of mission trips that are open to anyone who wants to participate. Simply look at our volunteer opportunities calendar to see available projects.

Additionally, Maranatha has special themed projects for volunteers to join:


Ultimate Workout

Ultimate Workout is designed exclusively for teenagers in high school who have completed their ninth-grade year; teens are eligible until the summer following graduation from their 12th or final year of high school. One of our most popular and rugged projects, this experience is intensely focused on spiritual transformation through construction and outreach. Projects are in June or July.

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Catalyst (collegiate/young adult)

Once you’re out of school, finding a spiritual community can be difficult for young people. You may have just graduated, are between jobs, or beginning a new chapter of your life. Sometimes a service adventure with like-minded people is a good way to supplement or jump-start your spiritual life. Volunteers for Catalyst must be between the ages of 18-28. Projects are scheduled in July or August.

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Family Projects

From worships to excursions to outreach, the Family Project is designed to create a positive family experience for volunteers of all ages. We even have a children’s program that encourages cultural education along with service activities. There are two Family Projects each year: the Summer Family Project in June or July, and the Christmas Family Project, which typically runs from mid-December through the first of the new year. Families of all sizes and individual participants are welcome to join.

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North America Projects

Each year, there are approximately a dozen projects that take place in the United States and Canada. These mission trips usually involve school campus renovations or new construction. While construction skills are not necessary for participation, these projects typically involve more complex work—such as drywall, framing, plumbing, or electrical— and experience is appreciated. North America Projects have no participation fee since food and lodging is provided by the host organization. Volunteers are expected to pay for travel to the project site.

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Multiple Group Project

If you have a small team of 15 people or less, you can join several smaller groups to create a larger team on the Multiple Group Project. Maranatha will provide a seasoned leader to oversee the big team, but you’ll also be able to maintain the intimacy of your own small group. This project is perfect for smaller schools, churches, work groups, families, and other entities. The Multiple Group Project is typically in March, during spring break.

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