The $10 Church

The $10 Church plays a major part in fulfilling the need for churches around the world by asking individuals to donate just $10 a month toward construction costs. The combined $10 donations of thousands of people is enough to sponsor the completion of several churches a month.

The inspiration for The $10 Church came from a fundraiser that took place more than 130 years ago! In 1878, a Seventh-day Adventist congregation in Battle Creek, Michigan, needed to build a new place of worship. But the members had no money. After some thought, they came up with the brilliant idea to ask each member to give just one dime a month to go toward a new sanctuary.

This strategy eventually funded a beautiful new church. But it did something else:  it strengthened community bonds as everyone worked together to provide the funds. The Dime Tabernacle, as this project came to be called, is an example of how collaboration is a powerful tool!

Maranatha’s $10 Church is based on the same concept. Since 1988, this program has sponsored nearly 400 churches! It has been a great way for many people–including children–to get involved with missions.

The Process

Giving to The $10 Church is one of Maranatha’s easiest and most effective donor programs. Simply follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Give $10 a month specifically to The $10 Church program. This can be done online, by sending a check, or by calling Maranatha at (916) 774-7700.
  2. Your gifts to the program are pooled with thousands of other $10 Church contributions each month.
  3. The combined money sponsors at least one church each month.
  4. You receive a monthly letter about a church YOU helped to build!

You have the option to send a check for $10 a month, request your credit card to be charged monthly, or send a check for $120 to cover the entire year. You can also give more than $10 a month.

The $10 Church Bank

This $10 Church bank is a great fundraising tool for the classroom, office, Sabbath School, or for yourself. Simply set it up, fill with money, and each month mail a check for the amount raised to Maranatha for The $10 Church.

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