Paradise Shed Project

Camp Fire Shed Project
Paradise, California
November 5-26, 2019

Nearly a year after the devastating Camp Fire, the city of Paradise is slowly picking up the pieces. While many residents have moved out of town, some have chosen to move back and rebuild their lives in Paradise. There are many who are currently living in trailers on the land where their homes once stood.

Along with water and electricity, one of the residents’ hardships has been storage. People have no place to put their remaining things; some people store it under their RVs or trailers. Others have tents. But with the rainy season coming and incidents of theft on the rise, people need a secure place to keep their belongings.

Love Paradise, an outreach organization of the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church, came up with the idea to build and distribute storage sheds for citizens living back on the burn scar. They then asked Maranatha Volunteers International to partner with them by designing and constructing the sheds using volunteer labor. Love Paradise, who is managing the distribution, has received hundreds of applications.

More than 350 volunteers from all over the country gathered in Paradise, camping out at a local school campus, to build these sheds. Delivery of the sheds started on November 15, 2019.

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