Wellspring is a monthly giving program, designed to provide a steady flow of funding for one of Maranatha’s most impactful programs: water wells. We ask donors to sign up to donate for water each month. The money will go toward drilling brand new wells and also maintaining existing wells.

We’re asking you to partner with us by making an automatic, recurring donation of any amount, every month. The money will go toward drilling brand new wells and also supporting the maintenance of existing wells. 

Our requests for wells are skyrocketing because so many people are in need of clean water to drink. The water crisis is a world crisis, and there are 785 million people without access to clean, safe drinking water. Maranatha is committed to providing water wells wherever there is a need, but we cannot do this without funding.

Will you join us in the fight to bring clean water to the world?

When you commit to Wellspring, you will receive an exclusive, monthly email update with stories, pictures, and videos.

Start Giving



How do I start giving to Wellspring?

  • Credit Card: Set up an online account to share your credit card information and choose an amount to donate each month. Then, your card will be charged this amount each month.
  • Checking Account: Mail a voided check to Maranatha with instructions on how much you want to donate each month. We will then automatically deduct the amount from your account each month.
  • Other Giving Options: You can give by mailing a check, but to minimize overhead costs and maximize funding for the water program, monthly reports will only be sent by email.

What will this monthly program support?

The monthly funds will go toward the operation of Maranatha’s water program. This includes the actual work of drilling wells. It will also include well maintenance, such as repairs and supplies.

Why should I support a water well maintenance program?

Wells break. Even the best designed wells malfunction. They get worn down after thousands of people push down on the handle, day after day, to collect fresh water. And once they break, they often aren’t repaired because no one in the area knows how to do it. We want to make sure that all our wells, which were sponsored by hard-working donors like you, are continuing to bless communities with water.