Gifts of Remembrance

The following is a list of gifts given in honor of a loved one or to commemorate a special event. If you would like to dedicate a gift in memory of or in honor of someone special, contact Maranatha at 916-774-7700 or make a gift online.

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Fall 2018

Memory of Arlean Bechtel
Stuart and Susan Bushnell
Don and Cathy Bechtel
Don and Laura Noble
Bruce and Jacki Fjarli
Darrell and Gabriela Hardy

Memory of Beverly Benson
Rhonda Trevino

Memory of Edwin Bowen
Joan Bowen

Memory of Chuck Condy
Kathie Fuerstenberger
Meadow Vista Adventist Church
Beverly Condy

Memory of Dr. Paul Conner
Chique Tousey-Tabar

Memory of Warren W Crandall
Karyl Crandall

Memory of Bill Davidson
Tom and Lynne Langwell

Memory of Tom Dewind
Kenneth and Sheryl Christensen

Memory of Roy Drusky
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Clyde Eichman
Alberta Eichman

Memory of Matthew Field
Darlene Field

Memory of John and Ida Mae Freeman
Alan and Patricia Carron
Ed and Susan Burgan
Warren Abbott
Bruce and Marilyn Christensen
Duane Kraft
Marguerite Ross

Memory of Richard Gilbert
Doralyn Bocchi
Lorene Berger

Memory of Julia Grow
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Mike Hackett
Herb and Dawn Hainey

Memory of Ruth Jayne-Mize
Candace del Portillo
Lotte Cosca

Memory of Guy Gene Knieriern
Verna Olson

Memory of Sue Krueger
Andrea Ahrens
Orlie and Idella Curtis
Mark and Cheryl Herscher
Hoppe Inc
Lincoln First Realty LLC
Richard and Lana Putnam
Jana Langhorst

Memory of Jacob Lemos
James and Betty Lemos

Memory of Winona Letcher
Sharon Turner

Memory of Joseph Malmede
Kent and Jan Greve

Memory of Marlene Minnick
Gary Minnick

Memory of Hannah More
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Paul R. Nichols
Gudmundur and Lea Olafsson

Memory of Lois Northcutt
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Dick Prior
Arlene Wilson

Memory of Ruth Reinke
Veryl and Dollie Drury

Memory of Richard S.
Virginia Prouty

Memory of Doyle Saxby
Kent Saxby

Memory of Wayne and Marie Schaffer
Tom and Caroll Burns

Memory of Chester Shumaker
Bruce and Cheryl Andersen
Joyce Atchison
Terry and Deanna Paxton
Alexandra Luckhardt
Francine Niles
Janet Moore
Joyce Hilton
Sue Barnett
Rick and Tammy Cole
Dawn and Tom Gowan
Ken and Holly Cole

Memory of Ed Sutherland
Vern and Holly Jeske

In Honor of Derrell and Barbara Smith
Ken and Sharlene Devereaux

Honor of Kent Thompson
Richard Secor

Memory of Betty Toay
Donald Toay

Memory of Bud Todorovich
Goldie Todorovich

Memory of Jeannette Richards Wilbur
Russell Wilbur
Raydene Wilbur

Memory of Alex Williams
Charles and Mayume Cummons

Memory of Donald Wood
Lucy Wood


Summer 2018

Honor of Delores Muhammad
Maranatha Fellowship Adventist Church

Honor of Duane Meyers
Duane and Ann Myers

Honor of Elsen John
Elwina Antonidass

Honor of Randolph and Mary Brown
Maranatha Fellowship Adventist Church

Honor of Shonoi and Marlon Ming
Susan Peterson

Honor of Tim Hubbard
Donna LaBelle

Memory of John and Ida Mae Freeman
Annette Spuehler
Avon Park Adventist Church
Bev Noble
Bonnie Wolfe
Bowman Hills Church
Clair and Lois Limrick
Clint and Jonna Davis
Cynthia Taylor
Darrell and Darlene Arruda
Dean and Ruth Campbell
Deeann Eslinger
Doug and Beth Barrow
Eileen Huggins
Eloise Anderson
Elsie Tyson
Erika Rypich
Gail Richards
Gary and Glenda Lund
Gene and Cathy Wilkie
Gene and Dolores Kuhn
Gordon and Charlene Anderson
Harlan Paddock
Helen LaGourgue
Hendersonville Adventist Church
Henry and Lucy Luke
Henry and Vernita Watts
Janis Young
Jillian Williams
Jim Patterson
Joan Armstrong
Joe and Jeanie Tweedy
Johansen Sylvester
Les Christoffel
Lois Langloys
Lucy Heald
Melba Bower
Michael and Delynne Lilly
Nancy Spruth
Patti Davis
Pierce and Dora Moore
Ray and Betty Levis
Rich and Dianne Corniola
Ronald Powell
Rui and Helen DaSilva
Sandra Green
Sarah Araujo
Slikkers Foudation
Sondra Kerbs
Tamara Jardine
Tara Boaz
Tim Adams
Veryl and Dollie Drury
Virginia Mattson
Wanda Green

Memory of Betty Tym
Bill Tym

Memory of Beverly Benson
Dolores Clark

Memory of Bill Clark Sr
Ruth Clark

Memory of Bud “Sonnie” Todorovich
Kathy Nolan

Memory of Chuck Condy
Annette Roberts
Elizabeth Foster
Janet Winn
Judy Iversen
Kathie Fuerstenberger

Memory of Craig Family
Sheryl Craig

Memory of Derek Page
Wilfred and Florence Stuyvesant
Memory of Dr. Harold Deut
Veryl and Dollie Drury

Memory of Dr. Ken Lauren
Waylene Swensen

Memory of Earl Nase
Deborah Slemmer

Memory of Eileen Miller
Michelle Meyer

Memory of Emily Smith
Douglas and Melody Wheeler

Memory of Emma Broadway Duhaney
Toye Simmons

Memory of Gloria Wessman
Beverly Camp

Memory of Hilde Pohli
Dee Bisner

Memory of Jim Reiswig
Bettigene Reiswig

Memory of Jo Ray Metherell
David and Merle Morgan

Memory of Karen Owen
Joshua Adventist Church

Memory of Ken Lauren
Charles and Mayumi Cummons
Linda Lauren
Robert Lessard
Waylene Swensen

Memory of Larry Kelly
Helen Kelly

Memory of LaVern Wilson Dodd
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Lester Coon
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Luther May
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Mary Day Irwin
Glenda and Benny Byrum

Memory of Melvin S. England
Nancy England

Memory of Michael Joiner
Verna Olson

Memory of Mother Ms. Ames
Eulene Martineau

Memory of Nadine Proctor
Tim Johnson

Memory of Otis L. McHenry
Roslyn Forde

Memory of Russell Morfey
Jon and Linda Carleton

Memory of Tina Mitchell
Ken and Gloria Pierson
Rick Brown

Memory of Vann Camp
Beverly Camp

Memory of Wayne Taylor
Roger and Jolena King

Spring 2018

Honor of Arnie Meert
Polly SolerHonor of Harold and Polly Schaefer
William SchaeferHonor of Sean Reed
Margery Gotshall

Memory of Beverly Benson
Marilyn Bendtsen

Memory of Jim Reiswig
Bettigene Reiswig

Memory of Annie Schwin
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Donald Thomas
Robert and Sherry Thomas

Memory of Dr. Charles Wallington
Sweetwater Adventist Church

Memory of Dr. Donald Johnson
Bettejean Johnson

Memory of Earl Nase
Juanita Kosow-Lawless
Lamar and Colleen Young
Leo and Gloria Van Dolson
Mary Ellen Walker
Mary Hilgner
Naomi Becker
Pamela Conway
Patricia Coverdale
Richard and Wendy Schuen
Rose Thorton
Sharon Russell
Thomas Brophy

Memory of Eileen Miller
Kathy Chittenden
Kristine Tompkins
Magnhild Tjostheim Reinking
Monica Haarstad

Memory of Florence Miller
David Miller

Memory of Fred and Gloria Hunt
Billie and Cheryl Sanders

Memory of Goodlow Bell
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Jeanne Eberhardt
Vicki Hall

Memory of John and Ida Mae Freeman
Don and Laura Noble
Bruce and Jeannette Borgersen
Carol Meert
Ellsworth and Sharon McKee
Geraldine Hill
Glenn and Beverly Creech
Ken and Joyce Casper
Veryl and Dollie

Memory of Ken Lauren
Anne Beck
Art Bingman
Ben and Kaye Helbley
Byron Palmer
Charles and Mayumi Cummons
Christine Bunnell
Colleen Schmidt
Cynthia McGill
David Crooker
David Duffy
Davina Walsh
Debra Fixman
James Coglan
Joyce Choe
Kari Wilcox
Kitty Curtis-Martin
Larry and Janine Moody
Linda Lauren
Matthew Moody
Megan Abram
Michael Cantelon
Mirjana Danilov
Peaba LLC
Paul Lauren
Susan Beilke
Teresa JoyMemory of Ken Wileman
Elite Floor Covering and Todd Geiger
Linda PitroneMemory of Lotte Wiedmann
Gary and Lori Jessop

Memory of Melanie Webb
Geroge Webb

Memory of Patricia Lawry
Barbara Zamudio
Jane Arce
Jeannine Burns
Jim and Judy Culpepper
Kathleen Sassman
Louis Meyer
Marilyn Saunders
Marion Titsworth
Merceda Pedroley
Preceptor Alpha Beta
Richard Lawry
Robert Lawry
Ruth Foote

Memory of Paul Cress
Daniel Cress

Memory of Raymond Eugene Shipley
Rocky and Kathy Felice

Memory of Robert “Bud” Workman
Dennis and Garneita Goffar

Memory of Shirley Johnson
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Stan Christianson Sr.
Kami Borg