Gifts of Remembrance

The following is a list of gifts given in honor of a loved one or to commemorate a special event. If you would like to dedicate a gift in memory of or in honor of someone special, contact Maranatha at 916-774-7700 or make a gift online.

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Spring 2021

Honor of Cale and Michelle Neelly
Kent and Sara Thompson

Honor of Florene McFarland
Kilmer Frances

Honor of Phillip and Lauren Thompson
Kent and Sara Thompson

Honor of Topher and Taylor Thompson
Kent and Sara Thompson

Memory of Alex Williams
Charles and Mayumi Cummons

Memory of Alvin and Charlyn Dahl
Sheila Dahl-Dunn
Sharon Wedin

Memory of Bill Peterson
Maxine Blome

Memory of Carmilla Barrow
Tijuana Klas

Memory of Cecil and Ardythe Hovland
Jean Stivers

Memory of Christina A. Lungu
Annie Coffey

Memory of David Branson Burke
Daniel and Bobbi Zenner

Memory of Dorothy Jackson
Alvin and Gloria Singleton

Memory of Florence Miller
David Miller

Memory of Gladys White
Tom Stemmler

Memory of Helen Thomas
Robert and Sherry Thomas

Memory of Jack Northcutt
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Jean Wells
Joshua Douglas

Memory of Jim Reiswig
Bettigene Reiswig

Memory of John and Ida Mae Freeman
Dale and Michele Crawford
Ed and Bonnie Loney
Lajune May
Matthew Frederick

Memory of Lisa McDowell
Burlington Adventist Church
Grace Gatto

Memory of Lucielle Smith
Samuel and Elizabeth Korn

Memory of Maxine M. Weir
Dawn Meadow

Memory of Milo Franklin
Dand and Laurie Parson

Memory of Richard Harvey
Laurene Harvey

Memory of Robert D. Williams
Ben and Irene Stiles

Memory of Russell Parson
Dan and Laurie Parson

Memory of S. Clark Rowland
Charles and Janet Schlunt
Don and Laura Noble
Robert and Lillis Kingman
Roger and Lira Weiss

Memory of Shirley Fraley
Veryl and Dollie Drury

Memory of Stan Schleenbaker
Don Damron

Memory of Dr. Weldon J. Hagen
Teri Sigler

Memory of Wilbert Henneberg
Debi Pedersen