2016 – Gifts of Remembrance

The following is a list of gifts given in honor of a loved one or to commemorate a special event. If you would like to dedicate a gift in memory of or in honor of someone special, contact Maranatha at 916-774-7700 or make a gift online.

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Fall 2016

Honor of Bill and Carol, 37th Wedding Anniversary
William and Carol Onuska

Honor of Ken Dunton, 80th Birthday
Ila Norrie

Honor of Cal and Sue Krueger
Libertie Miller

Honor of Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Stokstad
Jean Stokstad

Honor of Pauline Seitz Felton Danforth
Julia Danforth

Memory of Abriel Pritchard
Tompaul and Lisa Wheeler

Memory of Antoinette F. Knopper
Martin Knopper

Memory of Harry A. Knopper
Martin Knopper

Memory of Beth Shearer
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Bruce M. Wickmire, Sr.
Adele Wickwire

Memory of Dana Steven Mulder
Billee Collins

Memory of Dennis Anderson
Nancy Anderson

Memory of Eleanor Lofthouse
Connie Stahlnecker

Memory of Eunice E. May
Allen and Cheryl Truitt

Memory of Fred Thomas
James and Miriam Lastine
Paula Ice

Memory of Frosty Cross
June Cross

Memory of Harry and Ada Hardy
Bernie and Jeannie Baerg

Memory of Jim Reiswig
Bettigene Reiswig

Memory of John McClellan
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of John Mehling
Friedrich and Lillian Stutz

Memory of Ken Juler
Alan and Ginny Frost
Bill and Ann Cash

Memory of Lolly and George Lott
Lem and Doreen Lowry

Memory of Mary Lou Taylor Gadd
Bev Gadd Miller

Memory of N. Dale Zumwalt
Barbara Zumwalt

Memory of Pauline Woodard
Warren and Sandra Woodard

Memory of Ramona Stafford
Gary and Connie Nowlan
Lamoine and Ruth Pearson

Memory of Roland Lee
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Victor and Ruth Taylor
Roger and Jolena King

Memory of Wayne Taylor
Roger and Jolena King

Memory of William Bell
Jeanette Bell

Memory of Derek Page
Church Members Azure Hills Adventist Church
Heather Page and Family

Summer 2016

Memory of Barbara Austin
Don Austin

Memory of Charlotte Babcock
Jim Clifford

Memory of Charles Brooks
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Shirley Diane Brower
Jerry and Elka Harris
Jack and Shirley Brower
Arthur and Elma Madden
Bill and Pam Faulk
Katherine Hershey
Beverly Hennebaul
Noll Family
J. Curtis and Kimberly Williams

Memory of Bill Clark
Donald Williams

Memory of Richard Dave
Peggy Dobson

Memory of Jim Davidson
William and Bonnie Briggs

Memory of William and Susan Dounies
June Dounies

Memory of Enrique Duran
Elizabeth Duran

Memory of Alan Frost
Ginny Frost

Memory of James Galbraith
Wilson Adventist Church

Memory of Therman and Doris Gibson

Memory of Wayne Gladden
Joshua Gladden

Memory of Kathy Harder
Robert and Sarah Schultz

Memory of Merlin Hart
David Gay

Memory of Katie Harder
Robert and Sarah Schultz

Memory of Wes Harder
Robert and Sarah Schultz

Memory of Amy Helms
Liz Trupp
Randy Norton
Janine Jones

Memory of Edwin Johnson
Debra Herber
Linda Mae Johnson

Memory of Al Klugg
Ellen Brown

Memory of Curt LaCourt
Marvin and Barbara LaCourt
Susan and Bradley Reeves

Memory of Florence Miller
David Miller

Memory of Helen Pankratz
Robert and Sarah Schultz

Memory of Clotilde Peganyee
Michael Weber
Shawna Hammond
Karen Weber

Memory of Karen Peganyee
Greg Hatch

Memory of Hilde Pohli
Sydney Bisner

Memory of Bob Roberts
Stephanie Lewis

Memory of Kaleb Roberts
Stephanie Lewis

Memory of Yolanda Rosales
Marissa McConnell

Memory of Eugene Rouse
Claudie and Georgia English

Memory of Don Skaggs
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Jeanette Terry
Patricia Lawry

Memory of Fred Thomas
John Stephenson
Francisco Benna
Jean Peterson
Betty Buelow Humble
Vincent and Alice Melashenko
Timberchase Development Company Inc
Nick and Alberta Murray
Shirley Thomas
Donald and Shirley Gregg
Warren and Shirley Zork
David and Cheryl Steingas
Gordon and Lynette Marsa
Thomas and Kay Eaton
Verlie Ward
Eric Korff
Frank and Marjorie Howes
Richard and Esther Kannenberg
Wesley and Alyce Whitten
J.D. and Kay Frakes
John Knowles
Clyde and Sarah Raffety
Jean Ellis
John and Eleanor Knowles
Larry Siemens
Robert and Madeline Johnston
Glenda Ketcham
Chelsy Tyler
Daphne Jean Thomas
Patricia Horst
Betty Rose Minty
Deanna Waters
Ella Mae Wallar
Francisco and Joanna Benna
TP Development LLC
Southwestern Union Conference

Memory of Gurnie and Lois Treece
Regina Cross

Memory of Evelyn Trefz
Kenneth Trefz

Memory of James Vermilyea
Jennifer Wilder

Memory of Floyd Wade
Edith Wade

Memory of Edna Wright Wynn
Ellen Brown

Memory of Diane Zachary
Troy and Virgina Hughes

Honor of Frances and Fred Herscher
Mark and Cheryl Herscher
James and Vikki Hein

Honor of Pablo Robles 90th Birthday
Jesus Medina

Honor of Royce Thompson
James and Ruth Smith

Winter 2016

Memory of Dr. Herman and Eva Andersen
Ellen and Bob Brown

Memory of Harlan Bates
Coral Bates

Memory of Lavonne Bechtel
Elden David Lopez

Memory of Lindolph Bergold
Karen Bergold

Memory of Sanford Clayton
Janice Clayton

Memory of Paul Cress
Andrew and Julia Snyder
Richard Mackie
Ed and Barb Kolm
Melanie Show

Memory of Pastor Cumbo
Donna LaBelle

Memory of Joel Everett, DDS
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Calvin Ferguson
Ellen Ferguson

Memory of William Gay
Charlottia Gay

Memory of Amy Helms
Bob and Sheila Olsen

Memory Herb Hill
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Elizabeth Hoag
Bob and Barbara Acquistapace

Memory of Esther Hoatson
Tim Hoatson

Memory of Dr. Archie Hollisfield
Tamie Gierth

Memory of Robert and Jane Hoffer
Delores Whitford
Gary Alexander

Memory of Wayne Janzen
John and Lilya Wagner
J. Bruce Ashton
David Rodman
Becky Webster
Brittney Shadix
Emiko Miyagi
Dana Hansen
Judy Newton
Kathie Hartley
Bryon and Donna Jenzen

Memory of Evelyn Johnson
M. L. Greenfield

Memory of Paul Kilgore
Bob and Ellen Brown

Memory of Anne Margrethe
Lea Olafsson

Memory of John and Olive McCauley
Elizabeth McCauley

Memory of Rodney McCauley
Elizabeth McCauley

Memory of Ray Monteith
Shelley Worden
Ian Davies
Sue Walton

Memory of Frank Lee Rupert
Katherine Rupert

Memory of Oscar Soule
Chattanooga North River Church

Memory of Roy Thurman
Claudie English

Memory of Carla Werner
Jim and Judy Culpepper

Memory of Justin Williams
Gloria Williams

Honor of Robert Becker
Thomas Doll and Linda Gardner
Subaru of America, Inc.

Honor of James Davidson
David Bender

Honor of John and Idy Freeman
Lucille Bush