One-Day Program


As the Seventh-day Adventist Church membership continues to grow around the world, the need for places of worship and education are also increasing. In some places, particularly in rural areas, traditional construction is nearly impossible. The lack of proper roads and materials make it physically and financially challenging to build.

Yet the need still exists. People are worshipping in ramshackle structures or under trees. Children are going to schools that are crowded or falling apart. Some places have no school at all.

As a solution, Maranatha has been providing the One-Day Church and One-Day School. Each can be constructed in one day. These simple buildings are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, but light enough to haul into remote and rustic locations.

The One-Day Church starts at $4,500 ($1,500 per share), and a One-Day School classroom—which comes with desks and other teaching materials—is $15,000 ($5,000 per share). Costs will vary, depending on location. Sponsorship of a building or share provides a photo of the finished building along with GPS coordinates of the structure’s location.

The One-Day building program has been very effective at responding to the need for proper churches and schools. Generous donors from all over the world have contributed and continue to contribute to the program’s success.

The One-Day Church

Mwanda, KenyaThe One-Day Church initiative is a response to the rising need for church buildings within the Seventh-day Adventist Church. As membership grows around the world, thousands of congregations are struggling to find places to worship.

The One-Day Church strives to meet this overwhelming need with a high-quality, low-cost, and easy-to-build structure. The One-Day Church kit is a galvanized steel structure with a vented roof. The base structure is 20 x 38 feet (6.1 x 11.6 meters) and seats approximately 125 people. The simplicity of its design and parts allows for it to be delivered to remote parts of the world, where traditional construction would be near impossible.

In some countries, Maranatha provides congregations just the kit–roofing and framework, two components that are the most difficult and expensive to attain. Then, the walls and floor are finished according to local custom and availability of materials.

In other areas, Maranatha collaborates with the church leadership to build the steel framework and  complete the walls. The degree of aid that Maranatha provides varies from country to country.

Every church Maranatha currently constructs is based on the One-Day Church kit. The look of the finished structure will depend on the number of kits used (additional “bays” can be added for churches with a longer congregation), materials used for walls, and cosmetic preferences (paint and structural flourishes).

The One-Day School

The need for more schools demands a system that is affordable, easy-to-build and transport, and effective in serving the needs of the students and teachers. The One-Day School was born from this challenge.

The versatile One-Day School building can be used as a single classroom or in quantity to create a complete campus. Inspired by the One-Day Church, a single One-Day School kit comes with a galvanized steel frame, roof, and walls. The entire building can be constructed in one day.

The One-Day Schools have strategic vents promote airflow and thermal efficiency. There are large windows to allow for natural lighting in places where there is no electricity. The walls are coated with earth‐tone paint, and the roof is white to reflect the sun. Each classroom is equipped with desks and seats for forty children, decorations, and a chalkboard.

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