The One-Day Church

As the Seventh-day Adventist Church membership continues to grow around the world, the need for places of worship are also increasing. In some places, particularly in rural areas, traditional construction is nearly impossible. The lack of proper roads and materials make it physically and financially challenging to build.

Yet the need still exists. People are worshipping in ramshackle structures or under trees in some of the harshest conditions. 

As a solution, Maranatha has been providing the One-Day Church, a sturdy steel frame that can be constructed in as little as one day. These simple structures are strong enough to withstand extreme weather conditions, but light enough to haul into remote and rustic locations.

Maranatha provides congregations just the kit–roofing and framework, two components that are the most difficult and expensive to attain. Then, the walls and floor are finished by the members according to local custom and availability of materials.

The base structure is 20 x 40 feet (6.1 x 12.21 meters) and seats approximately 125. However, every church can vary in length, depending on how many kits are needed (additional “bays” can be added for churches with a longer congregation). 

Sponsorship of the One-Day Church kit starts at $7,500 ($1,500 per share). Costs will vary, depending on location. Sponsorship of a building or share provides a photo of the finished building along with GPS coordinates of the structure’s location.

The One-Day Church program has been very effective at responding to the need for proper churches, and generous donors from all over the world have contributed and continue to contribute to the program’s success.


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