Recently, Maranatha crews in India completed a 28-church construction project in the Garo Hills region of Meghalaya, India. In gratitude for the work, Seventh-day Adventist leaders organized a special ceremony to honor the construction team.

Each crew member received a gift to be used while working with Maranatha, such as a travel stove and a pressure cooker. Then pastors and representatives from every new church came forward to pay tribute to Maranatha. They also shared how the buildings are already impacting the congregations and their local communities.

Two years ago, Adventist leaders in the Garo Hills region requested Maranatha’s assistance in providing places of worship. There are more than 12,000 Adventists in this area, with dozens of established congregations. But many of the groups were meeting in homes or flimsy shelters that were vulnerable to wind and rain.

In 2007, Maranatha constructed Riverside Adventist Academy in Garo Hills. The school quickly drew many students from the surrounding villages, and today, there are approximately 1,000 students enrolled.

Watch a segment about the construction of Riverside Adventist Academy in India.