Stories of Faith

Faith_NewShoes_2Stepping into New Shoes

The story of how a volunteer got into the mission field

It’s rude to reject presents, but Kim Kraulik did not want to go on a mission trip.

As a high school graduation gift, Kim’s parents were offering the Ultimate Workout, a mission trip exclusively for teenagers. It was 2013, and the project was slated for the highlands of Ecuador.
But Kim refused.

Story_2A Tale of Two Churches

How God answered the same prayers in two different ways

There are approximately 6,000 groups meeting every Sabbath in Zambia–and many of them are located in regions of the country that are reachable only by high powered vehicles, ox-pulled carts, or by walking through sinking sand. Construction would be impossible–except for the One-Day Church.


The Extraordinary Life Journey of Tem Suarez

Tem Suarez was only 18 years old when he left Cuba for the United States. At the time, he was seeking adventure in a new world—much like his heroes Lewis and Clark. Little did he know that the adventure awaiting him was a return to Cuba and a mission to save the Church.

Stella_thumbInto the Jungle

The One-Day Church goes to Costa Rica

Maranatha volunteers venture all over the world serving others, but one project this year was even more of an adventure than most! A small group of volunteers and Maranatha staff members hiked deep into the dense mountain forest of southern Costa Rica. With support from local people, they carried all their own gear and the materials for two One-Day Churches for many muddy miles.