Year End Giving 2015

Over the years, Maranatha has received hundreds of letters from the mission field. For the most part, they all have one of two themes:

‘Please help us.’

‘Thank you for helping us.’

The first is a request for churches, schools, water wells, and more. These letters, pleading for help, can only be answered by you. Maranatha relies on your financial gifts for all these projects, and we cannot fulfill the mission without you.

The second is a response to your assistance. These letters are for you. Your generosity is what provides these places of worship and learning.

Your generosity is building communities of faith around the world.

Thank you for your prayers and your support. If you haven’t already, please make a gift to help us answer these letters with a new church, school, or water well!

Remember, you must make a donation by December 31, 2015, to receive a tax-deductible receipt for this year.

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Year in Review

YE2015_12Watch how your support has built hundreds of churches and schools around the world and created life-changing service opportunities for more than 2,300 volunteers.

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Praying for a Roof

YE2015_11In Nkayi, Zimbabwe, all the Hills Seventh-day Adventist Church wants is a roof–a simple roof to cover their heads during worship at church.

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A Christmas Miracle

YE2015_10After more than 20 years of prayer, the Cardenas Seventh-day Church in Cuba is finally getting their new church. Read what Don Noble, president of Maranatha, had to say about seeing the old Cardenas church be torn down to make room for a new temple.

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Give the Gift of a Church

YE2015_9Read the story of a man named Victor, who has made it his mission to minister to an impoverished community in Panama—and why he needs your help.

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A Christmas Gift that Changes Lives

YE2015_8Give a gift with big impact! This Christmas, make a donation to support the need for churches and schools around the world.

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A Special Wish from Moyeni, Zimbabwe

YE2015_7This time of year, everyone is busy making a list of holiday wishes. Read about one congregation in Zimbabwe that has a very special wish list with just one item on it.

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A Letter from Maranatha’s President

YE2015_6As the president of Maranatha Volunteers International, Don Noble has heard many requests from church members all over the world. But there was one particular plea that tugged at his heart for more than 20 years.

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Thank You! From Maranatha Volunteers International

This year has been full of blessings in the mission field—thanks to your support. Watch a short video expressing thanks for all that you’ve done to support the mission to provide churches, schools, and life-changing opportunities for service.

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YE2015_2Thank You! From Gwanda, Zimbabwe

In February 2015, Maranatha built a school in Gwanda, a town in southern Zimbabwe.

Hear from a student who was there to witness the construction and the dedication of her new school!

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YE2015_1Thank You! From Rubiela Abrego

In June 2015, volunteers with the Summer Family Project arrived in Chilibre, Panama, to build a new church for the Limoncito congregation. Read a message of gratitude from one of the founding members of the church.

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