Thank You! From Gwanda, Zimbabwe


Dear Maranatha,

I love my school! I’ll never, ever forget watching it be built. People came from far, far away, and everything changed—from a sandy lot to a whole school (with 12 buildings)—in just a couple of months! They even built a playground! One day we had a big party to celebrate the new school construction. Important people were going to cut the purple ribbon on the door. I couldn’t believe it when they picked ME to hold the scissors for them. I was so excited that I would be on the front row to see it all!

While we waited, the man from Maranatha asked me my name and all about myself. I told him how much I hoped to attend the school when it opens. When it was time to cut the ribbon, you’ll never guess, he told ME to cut the ribbon! How my heart pounded! I was so proud and nervous and happy all at the same time! I guess that Maranatha thought that little ME was the important person who should cut the ribbon. I don’t know about that, but I know how happy I am to have this beautiful school in my city. I think YOU should cut the ribbon! Thank you for building me a school! Sending you a BIG hug!

Senzelokuhle Ngwenya
Gwanda, Zimbabwe
5th grade