Give the Gift of a Church



Dear Friend,

During the week, Victor Guerra (pictured, center) sells food and drinks to hospitals, schools, and other businesses.

But on the weekends, Victor gives food away. He travels from his home in Punta Peña, Panama, to an impoverished community called Palma Real.

Victor comes here each Sabbath, bringing food for the hungry children. It’s nothing fancy—just what he can afford. Then he, the children, their families, and a pastor all worship together under an old, crumbling patio.

They have been meeting this way for more than a year, and membership is growing. What they need now is an actual church building.

The story of Palma Real represents so many faithful groups in Panama—and the world! There are people working tirelessly to share

God’s love and grow His kingdom. Now they just need a church to call home.

Will you help?

Please make a donation to help congregations like Palma Real! There is still time to give in 2015—so please make a gift today!