Thank You! From Rubiela Abrego


Dear friend,

I feel like I already know you! My church has been meeting in an open-air shelter and praying for a solution. About a year ago they told us that Maranatha was coming. We started praying like it was a countdown! We held campaigns, weeks of prayer and more—praying that Maranatha would really come.

When the crews and volunteers arrived we all hugged each other saying, ‘We made it! We did it!’ Watching the walls go up on our new church was a spiritual and emotional experience that I will never forget. Thank you! Without your help we would still not have an adequate place to meet. Here at the Limoncito church we think of you often, saying to each other, ‘We love these brothers very much!’

Thank you! God bless you!

Rubiela Ábrego
Limoncito Seventh-day Adventist Church, Panama