Last Christmas, volunteers with Maranatha traveled to Nagaland, India, to build 12 classrooms on the campus of the Chwang School. Now, just five months later, the school is thriving. The school chairman reported to Maranatha that the project attracted many local visitors to the school. As a result, Chwang received 120 new students this year, compared to about 20-30 in years past.

The Chwang School is located in the city of Samziuram and was established in the 1970s with just 20 primary school students. Since then, the school has expanded to include a secondary school with hundreds of students.

However, the campus has been in poor condition. Many of the structures were constructed with bamboo and wood. Some even have brick buildings but the walls have not been plastered, the floors are clay, and the rusted roofs are leaking. During monsoon season, the classrooms became unusable because of leaky roofs and muddy floors.

The new buildings will provide space for more than 450 students. Students and teachers are thrilled with the classrooms. In a letter to Maranatha, they said that ‘ students feel secure from rain, heat, cold, and natural calamities … They are very proud to study in these new school buildings.’