Imagine filling a glass with crystal clear water to quench your thirst, but as you take a sip, it tastes as salty as the sea! This was the predicament of the community near Jandaira, Brazil.

Located in the dry, northeastern part of Brazil, clean water in the area is scarce. What makes things worse are the frequent droughts this desert region often experiences, making it even harder for people to find clean water.

Families must choose whether to collect dirty water from nearby ponds or pay the high fee they cannot afford for water to be delivered. The only real option for clean water comes from nearby wells that are always salty, making it difficult to drink.

This was the case for members of the Assentamento Boa Vista Seventh-day Adventist Church. Their well was salty too, but beyond the taste, it was also used by animals, making it potentially contaminated.

Recently, Maranatha drilled a new water well for the Assentamento Boa Vista church, and the members consider it a miracle. Other wells in the area are salty, but this new well provides the community with clean, sweet water, and it creates opportunities for the church to connect with its neighbors.

This transformation only happened because of your generosity. Donors like you made a gift for water wells, and now, this community will forever be changed. Thank you!