Ultimate Workout 26 USA Job Preference Form

Thank you for submitting your job preferences. We can’t guarantee that you’ll get your first choice, but we’ll do our best to assign you to your area of interest. If you don’t indicate a preference, we’ll still go ahead and assign you a work area.

When selecting your preferred jobs, try to choose a different site from your friends and family. Remember that UW is about stepping out of your comfort zone in order to grow spiritually and socially. You’ll still see your friends and family during the evenings, but during the day try to branch out and make new friends!

Oakland Spanish

Oakland Spanish Adventist Church is one of the most active churches in the Oakland area. Located in a very needy area of town, this church is a shining light on their corner, both physically and spiritually. There are about 400 members who currently meet here, and they have a plan to have 1,000 new members in the coming years. Volunteers assigned to this site will help in a variety of outreach activities. They will hold a children’s ministry program (VBS) for the local community, help the city with park clean-up and graffiti removal, and hold a street fair with health education programs. They will also conduct surveys of the community to see how else the church can serve right where they are. In addition, the teens on this team will work at Covenant House, a homeless shelter located in Oakland for homeless young adults.

Market Street

The Market Street Adventist Church is located right around the corner from St. Mary’s Shelter. St. Mary’s is a facility that reaches out to homeless elderly in the community or elderly individuals who were homeless at one time. One of the biggest projects this team will undertake is the painting of a long metal fence that runs the entire length of the property. The teens will also help prepare a meal for the elderly, interact with them through activities like bingo, gardening, and worship. In addition, they will connect the church with the shelter through a senior citizens computer-tutoring program. The teens will also help lead a children’s ministry program at the church and help them start a children’s tutoring program for the area schools.

Golden Gate Academy

One of the biggest projects that UW will help with is the renovation of Golden Gate Academy. This Adventist academy closed down in 2007, with plans of reopening once it becomes financially stable. They now have plans to reopen in the fall of 2017, and this group of volunteers will be the first to start renovation on the facility. The teens will help with exterior painting, landscaping and forest debris clean up, window replacement and cleaning, gutter replacement, and many more projects.

Immanuel Temple

Immanuel Temple Adventist Church has great physical needs. The teens on this team will help paint and replace windows throughout the facility as well as complete minor repairs, such as resealing the baptistery and the front stairs. They will also reach out into the community through a dental and health fair. In addition, the group will lead out in a half-day children’s ministry program.

Medical and Dental Team

A team of skilled doctors, nurses, and dentists will provide free medical care to people in the Oakland area. About ten teens will be assigned to the medical team full-time. This opportunity is primarily for those interested in a medical career. On this team, you’ll learn a variety of medical skills, such as taking vital signs, filling prescriptions, and sanitizing dental equipment. Each day, two volunteers from the other groups will get to ‘visit’ the medical team for a day, but they will be assigned to work on the construction and outreach teams the rest of the project.