Over the past 50 years Maranatha has served in nearly 90 countries around the world, but did you know we are also quite active in North America? Each year, volunteers participate in about two dozen projects in the United States or Canada.

Last month, 41 volunteers gathered in Washington state to help with renovations at the Castle Rock Seventh-day Adventist Church. In a matter of weeks, the team helped with numerous tasks including installing siding and new windows on the church. They also reroofed the church’s community services building.

For first-time Maranatha volunteer Carlene Hurlock, the project left her fulfilled. ‘I realized that although I did not have construction skills, I could contribute,’ said Hurlock. ‘It was such a joy seeing the look of satisfaction on the members of the Castle Rock SDA Church because of the renovation.’

So far in 2019, Maranatha has completed six mission trips in the United States, with many more scheduled for the year. These North American projects provide greatly needed maintenance and construction assistance to churches, schools, and campgrounds at a fraction of the cost. To learn more about how Maranatha can help your organization, click here.