How many times has your church relocated? When a church is forced to continually meet in different locations, it can be disheartening or inconvenient. But in some countries it also prevents the congregation from growing. New members join, but end up leaving when the church appears unreliable.

The Chimba Seventh-day Adventist Church near Cochabamba, Bolivia, rented their meeting space for years. Each time they found a new space, they would be forced to relocate for various reasons. They conducted evangelism in their community, which led to new members, but soon those converts would leave due to the lack of a proper church and the unreliability of the meeting place.

Eventually, the congregation saved enough money to purchase a plot of land. Maranatha agreed to help construct a permanent church home for Chimba, and because of your generosity, it was recently completed.

The congregation is proud of their new sanctuary and plans to extend their outreach even further. Already, the church provides family counseling and children’s ministries. They also offer healthy cooking demonstrations and even give haircuts to people in the community.

Thanks to you, this shining light in the community now has the means to grow.