Maranatha recently completed a renovation project at Camp Kulaqua, a retreat center and youth camp in northern Florida. Over ten days, 56 participants brought new life to one of the largest Seventh-day Adventist camps in the world. Volunteers reconstructed cabin decks and stairs, built fences, worked on landscaping, as well as other general maintenance.

This was Maranatha’s second mission trip at Camp Kulaqua and project leader Jeanice Riles credits that prior experience to a smooth project this year. ‘We were organized, we knew what to expect, and had the help of return volunteers,’ said Riles. 

Although most of the participants were Maranatha veterans, 22 had never served with Maranatha before. Yet, the group quickly bonded and their enthusiasm led to efficient progress in the renovations. They also took time to soak in the spiritual significance of the work. ‘For returning youth campers or adults who will use the retreat center in the future, it shows that the camp cares,’ said Riles. ‘You think of the spiritual impact for these kids. It’s a little bit of heaven on earth where they can meet Jesus.’