Charitable Bequests

The charitable bequest is one of the most flexible planned gifts you can make to Maranatha. You create a bequest through your will or living trust, and while you are alive, you retain complete control of your bequest assets. You may revise or cancel your bequest at any time, should your circumstances or desires change. When your estate is settled, the final form of your bequest will determine what Maranatha receives and what it may do with it. Your estate will receive a federal estate tax deduction at that time that is equal to the value of your gift, which may save estate taxes.

You can give a particular amount of money, a specific item (such as shares of stock or a valuable antique), or a specific fraction of the remainder of your estate once all other bequests, debts, and taxes have been paid. This last approach assures that your family will be taken care of before your estate makes a bequest to us.

How It Works

John has been going on Maranatha projects for decades, and missions are an important part of his life. He decided to include Maranatha in his will. After some research with Maranatha’s planned giving specialists, John decided to leave his house to Maranatha upon his death. A few years after writing the bequest, John went on a Maranatha trip to India, where he was deeply blessed. He revised his bequest to give 75% of the collection to Maranatha with 25% going to an orphanage in India.

Benefits include:

  • Your estate will qualify for a federal estate tax deduction when it fulfills your bequest.
  • You will keep control over your bequest assets should you need them during your lifetime.
  • You will retain the flexibility to modify or cancel your gift anytime, should your circumstances or desires change.