A Time for Gratitude

YE2014_JoseThis is Jose. He wants to say, ‘Thank you.’ Your support for Maranatha has made a difference in his life.

Last year, Maranatha built a church in Jose’s village as part of a larger effort in the country. In gratitude, the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Ecuador organized a Festival of Gratitude to honor Maranatha. As part of the festival, every church member was asked to make an offering to Maranatha. The donation would then go to help another congregation in need.

Jose is a farmer. He is very poor. But he was grateful for his new church, and he wanted to give back. So Jose sold five bushels of beans—his entire harvest—and earned $60. He then paid $30 to travel to the Festival of Gratitude program, which was 11 hours away from his home. He wanted to make sure he could be there to give his offering in person.

He said, ‘God gave me so much. I am here to be grateful.’

Your support for Maranatha built a church for Jose. And in return, Jose helped to build a church for a group in Angola—a group that no longer has to worship under a tree.

Thank you for your gifts, your prayers, your service.

Your support means so much. And we are here to be grateful.