Give to Build Places of Worship!

From roofless grass structures to overpriced garages, congregations are struggling to find a proper place to worship. One of our main focuses in 2024 is to build more churches, and we need your help. Please make a donation for church construction around the world.

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All around the world, there are thousands of congregations meeting in structures that are not adequate places of worship.

The Vila Malta church in Brazil is located next to a pet shop. Dogs bark incessantly through the service. Add to that the stench of animals that wafts through the shared vents, and worship can be torture.

In the Zambian bush, the Lunje congregation meets under a tree and sits on the sand. They’ve managed to build walls out of tall grasses, but they have been unable to build a roof due to lack of people power. They are exposed to the sun and rain, and their worship services are at the mercy of the weather.

In the jungles of Peru, the Villa Calipso congregation struggles to focus on sermons each Sabbath because the pelting rain against the thin metal roof. The noise drowns out the pastor’s voice and the water drips on the gathered worshipers.

These are just a few of the many stories that we collect day after day. These are the people who ask for Maranatha’s help. They are desperate for change, but they cannot do this alone.

Will you help? Maranatha is hoping to build 300 churches in Brazil, Peru, Kenya, Zambia, Paraguay, India and the Dominican Republic. Will you make a donation to support this mission work around the globe? No matter if it’s $5 or $5,000, every contribution helps to provide a lasting place of worship for this dedicated base of believers.


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