Bethsaida, Zambia Church Campaign

Bethsaida Seventh-day Adventist Church
After suffering a devastating church collapse that killed five people, we’re building a new complex for the Adventist community in Bethsaida, Zambia. The project will include a large sanctuary that can seat 500 people and six Sabbath School classrooms!

Please help by making a donation. A generous donor is willing to match every donation, dollar for dollar, up to $300,000! Help us to reach this goal so we can give this congregation a beautiful and safe place of worship!

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On January 8, 2022, a fierce storm passed through the city of Kasama in northeastern Zambia. The Bethsaida Seventh-day Adventist Church had just wrapped up its worship and lunch as dark clouds brewed overhead. People scattered, eager to get home before the deluge. But some delayed, and they were forced to take refuge inside the church building.

The downpour soaked the earth. High wind swept through, pushing hard against the building. Suddenly, the entire church collapsed, and the roof and walls crumbled onto the members inside.

Five people, including an infant, died. Many more were injured.

The church members had only built the structure in 2020. They didn’t have much money, but they did the best they could. Unfortunately, the building was poorly constructed, and it was made from low quality materials–which ultimately led to the collapse.

As you can imagine, the Bethsaida congregation has been reeling from this loss. But even in their grief, they have been looking for a way to rebuild and heal their community. So the Adventist Church in Zambia reached out to Maranatha for help.

Maranatha plans to build a large church with a foundation, steel frame and roof, and block walls–strong enough to withstand heavy rains and storms. This church will seat 500 people. In addition, we’ll be constructing six classrooms that can be used as Sabbath School spaces for its 180 children who attend each week! There’s the potential that these same classrooms could be used as a school in the future. The project will also include bathrooms and a water well.

Once complete, this will be a true center of faith and positive influence in the community! But we cannot realize this dream without your help.

This project will cost $600,000. In an act of overwhelming generosity, a donor stepped up to offer a matching donation–a dollar for dollar match, up to $300,000. This means, we are already halfway there from the start!

So right now, whether you donate $20 or $20,000, your dollars will make twice the impact. There is never a better time to give than when you know your gift will have twice the value and help us to accomplish this dream twice as fast!

This community has been through so much pain. Please help them rebuild their church. Please make a donation for the Bethsaida project today!


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