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June 20 - 30, 2024
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**This Project is currently full, you can still add your name or family to the Waiting List but, please, do not place any deposit until we invite you to do so.**

Maranatha offers at least two family projects each year that provide service opportunities for every member of your family, both young and old. This year, spend part of your summer break in Peru!

Between 2004 and 2006, Maranatha constructed nearly 100 church buildings in Peru to provide places of worship for the increasing number of congregations. As Seventh-day Adventist membership continued to grow in the country, Adventist Church leadership in Peru asked Maranatha to return in late 2019 to build more churches and schools. When the pandemic hit, Peru locked down for most of 2020 and 2021. In 2022 restrictions were lifted and a few volunteer projects happened in Peru, including the Summer Family Project in Arequipa. Later, social unrest led to Maranatha suspending projects in Peru again. Now the unrest has settled, and Maranatha has selected Pucallpa as the place for the June 20-30, 2024 Family Project. Peru has a great variety of ecological systems, from the Pacific Ocean coastline to the Andes Mountains. Peru also has desert and jungle regions, with the world’s largest river—the Amazon, which starts in Peru and goes all the way through Brazil before emptying into the Atlantic Ocean. This upcoming project will be in the jungle city of Pucallpa, Peru.


La Selva Nueva Era Church
Pucallpa is a port city on the Amazon with lots of trade. It also has a large university with a separate campus for training teachers in 13 different dialects among tribes in the Amazon Rainforest. University students became the start of this congregation in 2007. They are now adults with children of their own, but they continue to minister to university students who come for several years and then return to their villages. Some of the current students live with church members. Their wooden church building was falling apart, and they pulled it down when they heard Maranatha would build them a new structure. They are meeting in the head elder’s house until our group arrives in June to construct a longer-lasting block church. The Adventist Review wrote about this church last February. You can read about it at this link.

Construction: Volunteers will lay block walls for the new La Selva Church. The lot flooded in the past because it’s at the low point of a slope. Maranatha recently constructed a nine-foot retaining wall at the low end and filled the lot to bring it just above the level of the dirt road. It will be ready for us to lay block in June, and we’ll worship at the new church on Sabbath.
Outreach: The group will reach out through after-school children’s ministry programming (since this is during their school year in the southern hemisphere). We’ll also engage with students at a nearby elementary school during the mornings. Our medical/dental outreach will also spend the first half of the project working out of a university campus near the church.

Villa Jesus Sabbath School Building
This church began in 2011, following an evangelistic series at a nearby Adventist Church. This new congregation met in a house for several years and purchased land for a new church building. But when the pandemic hit, the congregation could no longer meet to worship, and it seemed like the church dissolved. But now that the pandemic has ended, the church re-opened in 2021. Excitement has grown, and 50-60 people are now attending.

Construction: Another Maranatha group will construct the church walls in March, and Family Project volunteers will construct a Sabbath School room as a separate building on the large lot. It’s possible our group might also paint the newly constructed church, if the plaster is completed by the time we get there. If not, our painting crew will paint another Adventist Church in Pucallpa.
Outreach: We have the option of carrying out a second VBS-type afternoon program in this neighborhood, as well as a morning program with another public school on certain days. We can also engage with the local Adventist school on a few days as well.

Mission Office Boundary Fence/Wall
The mission office in Pucallpa covers a large amount of land. Behind the office lies a Maranatha-constructed school, an Adventist Church, and the shop where Maranatha makes the steel pieces for current church construction in the Amazon region.

Construction: Because this piece of land is so large, it isn’t fully fenced with a wall yet—only in parts. Some people come and live on the property as squatters, even though the land doesn’t belong to them. The conference is willing to provide the bricks and mortar but needs help extending the existing wall to enclose more of the property. We’ll add to the length of the wall, but won’t complete the full 570 meters.

Children’s Activities:
Maranatha’s Family Projects are designed to be family-friendly and accommodate volunteers of any age. One unique feature of a Family Project is a “Day Camp” for children ages 12 and under. Children under five must have a parent with them at all times.

Parents with kids ages 5-12 have three options and can vary their decision, day by day.

  • Drop your child off at the day camp for the day while you join other areas of the project.
  • Have your child join the day camp and you stay with them and help with the day camp activities that day.
  • Keep your child with you throughout the day.


The Day Camp activities will include a variety of components, different for each day.

Construction | We’ll plan appropriate tasks so children can help with the construction.

Outreach |
Children are probably the best people to reach out to others, when it comes to children’s ministry programs and other service activities.

Play |
We’ll schedule time for kids to let loose and have fun, because playtime is an important part of being a kid. If your child doesn’t know how to swim, we highly recommend bringing a life jacket or pool floaties for use at the pool at the hotel or other swimming venues.

Cultural Experiences |
We’ll introduce kids to some of the cultural opportunities in the Pucallpa area. While this isn’t a tourist destination, we have several unique options for kids of all ages.

Steve Case,
Project Coordinator
Danny Poljak,
Construction Superintendent and La Selva Nueva Era Church construction
Luther Findley,
Construction superintendent at the Villa Jesus Sabbath School classroom
Lynn Grimstad,
Construction superintendent for the brick wall around the conference office
Jim VanHouten,
Painting superintendent
Mary Johnson,
Children’s Ministries Coordinator and La Selva Nueva Era Church
Jaime and Jenny Heras,
Children’s Ministries directors for Villa Jesus Church
Paul Kramer,
Head of Medical Team
Art Garbutt,
Dental Team Coordinator
Audra Grellmann,
Day Camp Director
Lyn Tenerife,
Head cook
Cinthya Misto,
Maranatha Volunteer Support
Thursday, June 20
Arrival in Pucallpa
Friday, June 21
Orientation and first Work Day
Saturday, June 22
Worship with the local congregations
Sunday, June 23
Work days with mid-week excursion
Saturday, June 29
Worship with the local congregations (Afternoon Baptism in the Amazon River)
Sunday, June 30
Departure from Pucallpa
ARRIVALVolunteers will arrive into Pucallpa, Peru (PCL) on Thursday, June 20, 2024.Please wait for confirmation from Maranatha before purchasing your airfare to ensure there is still space on the project and to ensure you book the right flight.
DEPARTUREVolunteers will depart from Pucallpa, Peru (PCL) on Sunday, June 30, 2024.
Travel Information

Volunteers will purchase their own plane tickets to and from Pucallpa, Peru. The dates posted are the arrival and departure dates from the project. You may need to leave home a day before the advertised start date to arrive on the correct date. Maranatha representatives will meet volunteers upon arrival in Pucallpa.

More information including specific flight arrival and departure windows will be available in an information packet, available for download soon.

Please wait for confirmation before purchasing your airfare. Booking outside the advertised flight windows could result in additional fees and missed portions of the project.

Travel Resources

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Amazon River

Along this part of the Amazon River, June 24 is the Festival of San Juan (John the Baptist). Once the city posts the activities scheduled, we will make a decision about whether or not we participate in some of those during the day. We won’t join the evening partying and concerts by the river, but the daytime activities sometimes include parades with people dressed in their native clothes—something uncommon most days. There might be games we can join, or we can simply be observers of the annual cultural festival. If the posted activities aren’t a good match for our group, we’ll take another weekday for a break from work to go visit one or two villages along the river. This will give us an idea of how tribal groups lived in the past, and it will give those interested an opportunity to buy some souvenirs. Remember, Pucallpa is not a tourist destination, so the tourist experiences are limited here.

Tourist Options Before or After the Project

The country of Peru has a wide diversity of ecosystems. The Pacific Ocean coast varies in temperature and climate, and the Andes Mountains tower high with snow-capped tops and multiple volcanoes. Peru has desert areas and tropical forests near the headwaters of the Amazon River. This river is considered the longest in the world, after more precise measurements of the past 25 years showed the Amazon to be slightly longer than the Nile. Popular tourist destinations in Peru include Cusco,the Sacred Valley’s Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca (the highest navigable lake in the world), and the tropical jungle city of Iquitos–to name just a few. And then there’s the capital city of Lima on the Pacific coast. Maranatha Family Project participants might want to add one or more of these destinations to their trip before or after Family Project. Feel free to contact the Maranatha office for suggestions.

Peru Facts & Figures




34,528,657 (January 2024)


Spanish, Quechua, and Aymara


Varies by region and altitude. Dry in the west, tropical in the east, temperate to frigid in the Andes.


Catholic 60%, Protestant Christian 15%, Unspecified 21%


Peruvian Sol

Entry Requirements
  • Passports valid for at least 6 months from date of arrival
  • Valid return ticket
Medical Requirements & Precautions
Contact Us Want to speak with someone at Maranatha directly? Please call our office at 916.774.7700 to speak with a volunteer specialist. Alternatively, you can send us an email.