Grangeville Adventist Church (ID) Project

Project Full
September 3 - 15, 2023
Idaho, USA
Participation Fee
Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the project.
What's Included


The Grangeville Adventist Church (ID) Project is one of our many efforts based in North America. Each year, Maranatha works with organizations in the United States and Canada to provide volunteer labor for various construction or renovation projects.

Maranatha volunteers will construct a 5,700 square foot addition to the church building.

Please consider joining us!

Project Stats: 5700sqft *$150. *%44completed=$376,200.

Build sanctuary addition to current structure
A. Demoed external walls and eves of existing structure to match new structure B. All framing and sheeting per design
a. Included upper room and stairs
C. Opened exterior of existing structure for 3 doors to new structure
D. Refraimed load bearing wall of existing structure for 2 bathroom expansions E. Installed external windows
F. Installed external doors (hardward installed by Local church)
G. Installed roofing underlayment on modified roof over existing structure
H. Installed vapor barrier over new external walls
2. Cleaned and reorganized library room
3. Cleaned and reorganized storage room
4. Presented Maranatha Sabbath to Grangeville congregation
5. Presented Maranatha Volunteers International to communtiy men’s breakfast.

Project Coordinator,
Ed Jensen
Construction Superintendent,
Glenn Fisher
Sunday, September 3
Monday, September 4
First Work Day
Friday, September 15
ARRIVAL208 Highway 95 N
Grangeville, ID 83530
RV's, and local housing
Travel Information

If you are planning on flying to the project, the closest airport is the Lewiston County Airport (LWS). This is approximately 1.5 hr drive from the the site.

Please book flights that come in before 6 pm on the arrival date. If you need to fly in later, please check with the Maranatha office to confirm that your arrival time can be accommodated. Please send your itinerary to so pick up arrangements can be made.

Travel Resources

CI Azumano Travel:
800-454-4099 or by email with Erle Dpenha or Azumano Team at

Butler Travel:
503-879-5005 or by email with Nathanael at


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