Milo Adventist Academy (OR) Project

June 17, 2018 - July 1, 2018
Oregon, USA
Participation Fee
Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the project.
What's Included


Milo Adventist Academy was originally built in the 50’s and most recently had some renovation work done by Maranatha, but with the campus being used each and every day by students and teachers, it is in need of some continued repair work.

Maranatha volunteers worked on campus last year. They painted the interior of the dormitories, completed renovations on staff housing, built decks, completed landscaping projects, and built cabins at Camp Umqua, a junior camp located on the Milo property, about a mile from the main campus. The volunteers on this project will complete the work still left to do on the cabins as well as continue the painting of cabins and some dormitories.

Completed cabin and dormitory work, including carpet removal, interior design, demo, framing, drywall, interior paint, floor covering, plumbing, electrical, exterior paint and landscaping.



Camp Renovations



Kathy Hernandez,
Project Coordinator
Troy Epperly,
Construction Superintendent
Sunday, June 17
Arrival at Milo Academy
Monday, June 18
First Work Day
Sunday, July 1
Departure from Milo Academy
ARRIVALProject Address:
Milo Adventist Academy
324 Milo Dr, Days Creek, OR 97429
Travel Information

If you are planning on flying to the project, the closest airport is Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport (airport code MFR), 90 miles from Milo Academy.

Please plan to arrive before 6 pm. If you need to arrive at a later time, please contact the office for approval, we want to be sure your schedule can be accommodated. Please send your itinerary to, so pick up arrangements can be made.

Travel Resources

CI Azumano Travel:
800-454-4099 or by email with Erle Dpenha or Azumano Team at

Butler Travel:
503-879-5005 or by email with Nathanael at


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