Donations for In honor and loving Memory of Fern Ringering July 13, 1934 – October 2, 2022

by Gracie Ringering

Please share this fundraiser and ask your friends and family to donate in honor of Fern Ringering.

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Fern was a mother to Steve, Peter, Becca, Timothy, Kevin, Donna, and Kathy. Fern was married to Lyle Ringering on August 12, 1951. Their marriage lasted for 71 years. Fern was a musician. She played The Church Organ and The Piano. Fern and Lyle Adopted Peter in 1978. Fern was raised in a 7th Adventist Christian System. Fern and Lyle have helped out with Maranatha for many years and went with them to help build churches in a lot of parts of the world. So in honoring and loving memory of Fern instead of flowers, we are asking you if you would like to donate to Maranatha in honor and loving memory of Fern this year at the memorial service. All of the donations will go straight to Maranatha. Thank You so much for taking the time to read this. If you have any issues with donating online, we can take cash or checks as well. If you plan on donating by check, please make sure the check goes to Maranatha and the memo can be In honor and memory of Fern Ringering. So they know that you were donating to them at a memorial service. We will raise our goal to Maranatha so they know we are honoring Fern Ringering. Please share this with your friends and family as well on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Discord, Twitter, WhatsApp, Marco Polo, Skype, GroupMe, Microsoft Teams, Google Chat, Google Voice, SMS, and email. Ask them to donate in honor and memory of Fern Ringering. Thank You very much for donating to Maranatha.

Name Donate Amount Date
Doreen Beals $20.00 November 19, 2022
Anonymous $10.00 November 12, 2022


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