Mount Pisgah Academy (NC) Project

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June 6 - 27, 2022
North Carolina, USA
Participation Fee
Participants are responsible for their own travel expenses to and from the project.
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The Mount Pisgah Academy (NC) Project is one of our many efforts based in North America. Each year, Maranatha works with organizations in the United States and Canada to provide volunteer labor for various construction or renovation projects.

Mount Pisgah Academy campus sits on 205 beautiful acres. Volunteers will help with interior painting of the cafeteria (7500 sq ft), three classrooms and the guest house and possibly some bathroom demolition. There is also some small landscaping needed in front of the Administration building and on the center campus.

Please consider joining us on this project: 365 vol days*7*$30= $76,650.
Please see electronic copy of Project stats for a list of completed items.

Cleaned and prepped Cafeteria- two story with 6000square feet on each floor to get ready for paint. Removed all baseboards. Removed all items on walls, tv’s, white boards, etc. Painted
both floors along with 2 bathrooms. Removed and replaced both counter tops in bathrooms. Removed all handrails in stairwells, (2) and sanded al handrails down to metal. Primed all handrails and painted all and replaced with Oil based paint. Kitchen area had two colors of paint. Painted complete kitchen area. Cleaned all the floors in thecafeteria area andremoved al old rust on these floors. There were 3outside doors and 3double doors prepped and painted. There were 5 indoor double doors and 4 single doors to prep and paint. There were 8 doors to prep and paint in the music room. Al trim was prepped and painted.Only the outside
doors and handrails had the oil-based paint. Everything removed was cleaned and put back in
Removed al brush and debris and dead trees from the retaining wall near the gym. Replaced
with a new retaining wall ni front of the old one. 100 ft of 6×6 2ft high wall. Then we removed
the old walls and worked the dirt and added 2 drains for the wall. We then added 2 more feet to the wall.
Repaired the Gazebo, added new steps, reinforced the gazebo itself. We painted the gazebo and stained the top (2 coats) which had already been replaced but not sealed.
Ruf sanded al handrails on the entire complex and painted with black oil-based paint.
Worked on one house thathad small electrical problems, lights not working, garage door not
working, water leak, trim missing in several rooms. We repaired all of the above with also
adding an electric box in a bathroom.
Removed a handicap ramp that was not usable and rebuilt it and replaced it to now it can be
used on the guest house.
Painted the guest house. Approximately 1300 sq. f.t 4bedrooms with ful baths and hallway.
Removed al furniture and put al back. Also removed al things on walls and replaced. House was primed and 2 coats of paint.
Worked on another staff house at the end of the block. Helped get ready for paint, laying plastic etc. and painting all the trim and baseboard. Then painted house with 2 coats of Kilz and then 2
coats of paint. Installed al the baseboards. House is 2300 sq ft. We laid flooring ni the basement and set 10 doors.

Jeanice Riles,
Project Coordinator
Ernie Riles,
Construction Superintendent
Monday, June 6
Arrive at Mt. Pisgah Campus
Tuesday, June 7
First Work Day
Monday, June 27
Departure from Mt. Pisgah
ARRIVALMt. Pisgah Academy
75 Academy Dr.
Candler, NC 28715
Volunteers requesting housing will stay in dorm rooms.
Travel Information

If you are planning on flying to the project, the closest airport is Asheville Regional Airport (AVL). This is approximately 15 miles from the school.

Please book flights that come in before 6 pm on the arrival date. If you need to fly in later than 6 pm or outside of the arrival and departure dates, please check with the Maranatha office to confirm that your travel plans can be accommodated.

Please send your itinerary to so pick up arrangements can be made.

Travel Resources

CI Azumano Travel:
800-454-4099 or by email with Erle Dpenha or Azumano Team at

Butler Travel:
503-879-5005 or by email with Nathanael at


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