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As you know, in the past several months, the world has changed in a way that has a very direct impact on Maranatha. Volunteer projects have been postponed for several months, and some of our in-country crews have had to go on pause because of shelter-in-place orders.

However, our local crews are continuing to work by building churches, schools, and water wells around the world.

But we need your financial support to keep this work going. Please make a donation for our Mid-Year Campaign to go toward funding churches, schools, water wells, and more.

Right now, your dollars will support the following projects:

  • Côte d’Ivoire: Our local teams finished up two churches and are starting on a high school in a neighborhood called Niangon. This campus will be the only secondary school in the area–ensuring that hundreds of students will come and discover the joy of a Christ-centered education.
  • Kenya: Crews are continuing work at the Kajiado Adventist School and Rescue Center. In May, a team left Nairobi to start building One-Day Churches and drill water wells in rural Kenya. Already, we’ve been successful in hitting water and providing a healthier future to a number of communities.
  • Brazil: In the desert regions of Brazil, persistent drought has created a shortage of clean water. Maranatha has been drilling wells in this area since late 2019 and during the pandemic.
  • India: Even after the country called for strict shelter-in-place orders, the team in northeast India was allowed to keep working on the Jingshai Mihngi Adventist School. Other teams, in the state of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, started working shortly after to build churches and drill water wells.
  • Peru: This has been the hardest hit by the pandemic, as Peru’s strict lockdown has made it impossible to work. However, things are slowly opening up, and our in-country team is ready to work. Peru was going to be a main focus in 2020, and there are many congregations waiting for Maranatha’s help. We will follow through on our commitments to these communities, and we need your help with funding.
  • Zambia: After a brief break, our crews were able to isolate at the Emmanuel Adventist Secondary School, where they are building new classrooms, a girls dormitory, and a water well. Other crews have been traveling through the rural areas, building One-Day Churches and drilling water wells. In 2020, this team has already constructed 34 ODCs and drilled 28 wells! Please help continue this work with a donation.

For the past five decades, Maranatha has been pushing forward in faith–through thick and thin–to complete the work God has called us to do. Each time, the Lord has delivered in His faithfulness and yours, and we trust He will carry us once more.

PLEASE make a donation to the mission of Maranatha. We recognize that these are challenging times for everyone, and we are grateful for any help you can give–every dollar counts. Your gifts will help to sustain the work of Maranatha.

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