50 Years of Missions

Celebrating 50 Years of Mission

This year, Maranatha Volunteers International is turning 50. We’ll mark this milestone anniversary by sharing stories of hope and transformation throughout the years and how God has been using people like you to spread the Gospel through construction.

Maranatha People

Read about the volunteers who helped to grow the mission of Maranatha through their faith and commitment to service.

Throwback Videos

Watch archival videos from the past 50 years that illustrate key moments and characters in Maranatha’s history.

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Yellowknife Fly-in

Watch the original 1973 Mission Spotlight slideshow about Maranatha's pivotal project in Yellowknife, Canada.

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Mission: Maranatha

September 19-21, 2019
Trinity Life Center
Sacramento, California

Join us in Sacramento for a weekend of inspiring storytelling:

  • Heartfelt volunteer testimonies
  • Inspiring stories of transformation from the mission field
  • Simple and effective ways you can help

Special seminars will also be offered on Friday afternoon. Check back for seminar and more weekend details. All activities are free of charge, including Sabbath lunch.

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