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After years of civil war, Angola is trying to rebuild the country and its people. The Adventist Church has the opportunity to lead the way in restoring the Angola’s education system, and they have asked Maranatha for help through the construction of schools. In addition to educational centers, Adventist leaders in Angola have asked for help, and Maranatha has committed to providing 75 churches and one education and evangelism center.

2013 Scope:
75 Churches
1 Education and Evangelism Center

In partnership with Adventist-laymen Services and Industries (ASI), Maranatha is helping with the expansion of the Bere Adventist Hospital in Chad. The project is utilizing modified One-Day School buildings to serve as operating rooms, maternity wards, and private patient wards. Similar materials are also being used to build staff and volunteer housing within the safety of the hospital campus.

2013 Scope:
18 Hospital buildings

Just 45 minutes outside the capital city of Accra, Maranatha is building an expansive pre-school through senior high school campus. The facility is part of Valley View University, an esteemed Seventh-day Adventist institution of higher learning. In addition to this campus, Maranatha is also building several churches in various regions of the country. This is Maranatha’s first time working in Ghana.

2013 Scope:
40 Churches
78 Schools classrooms
1 Education and Evangelism Center

According to Adventist Church records, Zambia as approximately 900,000 members. But according to a recent census, more than three million people identified themselves as Adventist!

The need for more churches and schools in Zambia is huge. There are many stories of people walking miles to church, many times in bare feet. Some of the areas needing churches are so remote that a One-Day Church structure is the only solution that could work.

2013 Scope:
160 Churches
48 School classrooms
2 Education and Evangelism Centers

Zimbabwe has a reputation for producing excellent Seventh-day Adventist teachers. The problem is that there are not enough schools. So in recent years, Maranatha has constructed school campuses at Victoria Falls and Solusi College.

But Maranatha discovered another problem in Zimbabwe: the lack of church structures. In one area of Zimbabwe, Kariba, there are four Adventist congregations but not a single one has a church of their own. One meets under a tree and another worships in a boat shed. In the next year, Maranatha is hoping to make a big impact in Zimbabwe by providing more church buildings.

2013 Scope:
320 Churches
48 School classrooms
2 Education and Evangelism Centers